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The holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, everyday


Clothes talk even when we don’t. They can communicate who you are, right down to the smallest detail. Make sure you and your clothes are talking the same language.

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Start by looking the way you love and loving the way you look. Book your free personal style consultation now.

Stylish, groovy, and ethical!

Ladies, I want to share with you this fabulous find. Be one of the first to discover this stylish and useful website, once you take a look I know you’ll love it just as much as I do. It’s is a daily eco glossy, showcasing the most stylish fashion, beauty and home wares, for women who want to be a bit greener without compromising on style.

This great website proves that you can be stylish, beautiful and eco all at the same time. Check out the new A/W Trends guides and start planning your look.

My favourite feature is Daily eBay. sifts through all the undesirable stuff on eBay to bring you just the most stylish pieces. There’s a new gorgeous item every day. Don’t miss it! No, really, don’t miss it. I’m hooked already.

Want skin that glows, naturally?

I do, and thankfully others do too. As our younger days of perky, plump skin are moving further away (eek), what we need is skincare that can nourish and brighten, tone and firm without nasty additives.

Can nature and science work hand-in-hand? Yes, yes, yes. Whether it’s biocompatible ingredients that your body recognises, botanical-based solutions or plant extracts, it’s all out there and they do actually work. Here are a few of my favourites:

Dress to impress

This season there are so many looks, which one do you choose? Well, remember my mantra of thinking about style first and fashion second. Make sure that items fit your style or you’ll end up with your clothes wearing you.

As always, I want you to wear only the very best. So, I’ve scouted around for these gorgeous items:

See next month’s style column for more wardrobe essentials

Style Q&A

Lana asks

I am ready to shop for some winter clothes. I want a new look this year but am unsure about what to choose, there are so many choices.

Aimee answers

Lana, by defining your style rather than being led by fashion you will make purchases that will last and avoid those impulse buys. By creating a foundation for your look you can then shop for seasonal items to mix and match. Here are four steps for shopping smart.

1. Ask yourself what is currently in your wardrobe and what is missing. Focus on filling the gaps rather than buying more of the same.

2. Set a budget.

3. Look through magazines and fashion websites to help define your style.

4. Have fun shopping!

You matter to me

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