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Summer has arrived so if you're getting out your summer wardrobe check it fits and flatters including beachwear! And as we say in Australia remember to slip, slop, slap….Enjoy the sun.

Highlights in this month's style column

Clothes that fit
Beauty and the beast
Bikini or neck to knee?
Style Q&A

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Clothes that fit

We all want clothes that fit and yet our love for that “must have” item is enough for us to overlook the obvious. It must be the magic dust they secretly sprinkle over us as we gaze longingly at ourselves in the changing room mirror. Or is it that we just don't know what is right for us?

Ladies, here’s a few pointers..

• If you are vertically challenged (like me) go for full length trousers to lengthen your leg, and avoid cuffs on the hem.

• Pear shaped? Go for a no-waistband soft shape skirt. Avoid A-line and gathered waistlines.

• Long and lean. Add shape by layering your clothes thus creating horizontal lines. Avoid vertical lines.

• Short waisted? Try low-waisted trousers and a top with a hemline sitting on your hips – this lengthens your torso. Avoid boxy tops and belts.

Top style tip: Dressing well is all about illusion. By using vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines within our outfits, we too can have the perfect figure…hoorah!

Beauty and the beast

Listen up ladies. When was the last time you changed your beauty regime? Come on now, you can tell me. Are you stuck in a beauty rut? Has beauty dis-ease secretly crept into your life?

In the quest for youthful, great looking skin, we women tend to do far too much to our skin. By piling on the make-up and then stripping it off with various lotions and potions we are overworking our skin on a daily basis. Believe it or not, by doing this we are actually aging and, slowly damaging our skin!

Ladies it’s time to simplify, and begin your new regime.

Step 1 -The foundation for great looking skin is a good skincare routine. Keep it simple to gain maximum benefits and to avoid wasting time and money. Try Eve Lom
Or for the budget conscious, try Simple. You can buy it from any good chemist.

Top Tip: Wash your face in tepid water. Before you apply your moisturiser splash your face with cold water This will minimise your pores and naturally tone your skin. Now, tell me I don’t know how to save you money!

See next month’s style column for step 2 in Beauty and the Beast

Bikini or neck to knee?

Ahhhh a beach holiday, the sun, the sand… the dilemma of what to wear on the beach? Whether it’s a bikini, a tankini or an all in one, the most important thing is that you look good and feel great wearing it.

• For you pear shaped lovelies try a halter neck top and keep the bottoms plain with a higher cut leg.

• Are you a larger busted beauty? Try an underwire top in simpler colours and a full brief with high cut leg.

• For the less endowed (that’s moi) try using stronger patterns with a string bikini. The triangle shape enhances your breasts and slims your waist.

These days it is easy to mix and match tops and bottoms. Try or Or why not get one made?

Swimwear designer Lori Coulter says "There are 40 basic styles that can be adapted with different necklines, straps, leg heights, built-in bra types, fabrics and embellishments.” She goes on to say, “Personal style and mind-set affect which bathing suit is right for you. Even for a fabulous figure there is a good, better and best suit out there.”

Swimwear saver: Rinse your togs in tap water after each use and hand wash (only) regularly.

Style Q&A

Ruth asks

I love winter work / suit fashion because you can cover up short legs and an unflattering figure. The summer makes me nervous. I need to look sharp and smart for work without boiling. Any advice on what to buy for someone with the less that perfect figure who wants to look stylish, sharp but not like a balloon?

Aimee answers

Ruth, walking your talk is the name of the game and continuing this into summer is a breeze. I recommend separates - skirts or trousers with a top; this is most flattering for any body shape. Think accessories, in particular scarves, brooches, pins and earrings. Think breathable fabrics such as cotton mix that will hold it’s shape and still keep you cool. Lastly, think monochromatic – it is very slimming, sharp and ultimately stylish.

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