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Personal style coaching allows your whole image to unfold, both inside and out.

Using a holistic approach to style, personal style coaching works with the you as a whole. Assisting you to not only look fantastic, but also arming you with the confidence to really walk your talk.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Aimee’s coaching style equips you with the knowledge and skills to make them count. You’ll have fun and ensure lasting results. .

Your personal style coach works with your..

Wardrobe helping you to spot your style, clean out the clutter, and have a wardrobe full of clothes you want to wear.

Hair helping you to choose the right styles to suit your face shape, advise on colour, new techniques, hair maintenance and product choice. Say goodbye to bad hair days.

Make-up for women giving one to one advice and lessons showing new techniques, everyday looks, current trends, skin maintenance and the right products for you.

Grooming for men advising you about the optimum hair and skin maintenance and personal product choices.

Self image to boost your confidence, your self esteem and raise your awareness to the impact your presentation has on all areas of your life.

Combine them all and embrace the power of your style.

Personal style coaching may cost a little more in the beginning, but a lot less in the end and you will be amazed at what happens in between.

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Aimee Watkins Style Coach

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