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The holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, everyday


Change just one thing and wait for the snowball

You are the most important person in the world. That’s right, and if you have any doubt, then now is the time to start believing. You work hard and your boss loves you. You make time for your friends and wouldn’t dream of missing quality time with your loved ones. So why not treat yourself, on a daily basis? Design your life and have it all.

Start by looking the way you love and loving the way you look. Book your personal style consultation now.

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Work verses play

In our busy lives we now spend so much time at work that our clothes for play have somehow disappeared. Should our work wardrobe differ from our play wardrobe? Is it necessary to separate the two at all?

Yes! The way we dress sends out messages to others and as importantly to ourselves and it is vital, that we feel expressed and understood. Having separate styles of clothing adds a freedom to be who ever we choose. Isn’t that exciting!
It’s also a great excuse to go forth and shop, hoorah.

Defining your styles is easier than you think.
• Who are you at work/ who would you like to be
• Who are you outside of work/ who would you like to be
• Choose different themes for your social/work looks.

Interesting trivia
Did you know that a Koala bear sleeps 22 hours a day?

Style dis-ease

What is it? It is a plague running rife through our streets leaving people looking and feeling sad, confused and frustrated with how they look?

Is it catching? Yes, so beware.

Is there a cure? Yes.

Simply answer the following questions to see if you are a potential dis-ease sufferer.
• Do you get up in the morning and dread opening your wardrobe?
• Are you stuck in a style rut?
• Do you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see?

Yes to all three eh? Then you won’t want to miss next month's style column where help is at hand.

Style Q&A

Monica asks

I've noticed that hemlines are lifting higher, which really doesn't suit me at all. I'm happy with my shape, I work out and accept the physique that I have. However, I am longer on the waist, shorter on the leg and fleshier on the bottom, and I know that unstructured, loose and short dresses and short skirts do me no justice whatsoever. So how can I be fashionable in skirts and dresses this season and look stylish and not look like a sack of potatoes?

Aimee answers

Monica, you are not alone. When the hemlines start to shrink so do most women - yes most women. Thank goodness for individuality. There are many shops that are offering regular hem lengths and flattering shapes. For high street check out Cos on Regent street or why not try online goodies at Don’t feel you have to be a slave to fashion, having your own style will having you looking great, everyday.

You matter to me

You matter to me and I want to know what you think. Ask me a question and have it featured in next months Style Column. Suggest a new feature and really test my styling skills. Sign up to make sure you are on my mailing list. Aimee.

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