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This month I am taking on the challenge of a new way of thinking… why don’t you join me. If all we had to do was give ourselves 20 mins per day to think, positively, just imagine what could happen!

Highlights in this month's style column

Action equals change
Syle dis-ease exposed!
The secret to any fabulous outfit
Style Q&A - Wearing colour

• You matter - Ask a question

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Start by looking the way you love and loving the way you look. Book your personal style consultation now.

Action equals change

You know that old saying "Keep on doing the same things and get the same results", well how about if I told you that all you have to do is think yourself stylish. No I haven’t lost my mind. Beginning to create your own style really is that simple. Isn’t it time to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and try something new? Every great event, building, beautiful thing began with a positive thought so why should you be any different. Once you begin to believe you have style the next steps in your transformation are easy.

For the next seven days I challenge you to look in the mirror each morning and repeat “ I am fabulous. I am a stylish woman (or man).” Sing, shout what ever fits, out loud for about 3 minutes. Who’s up for it?

Style dis-ease exposed!

Style dis-ease exists because people have stopped caring about how they look. We are all offenders, saying things like “I’m so busy at work.” “What with the house, the kids -I just don’t have a minute” “I am juggling a lot of balls at the moment” Does this sound familiar? The impact of this is massive and it is time to start taking action. With a few small changes big things can happen.

So let’s start caring, Are you…

• Stuck in a style rut – Choose someone’s style you love and compare the differences. Start by changing just one thing

In a panic each morning and don’t know what to wear - Prepare your outfit the night before and remember to accessorize.

• Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see - Go put on your best underwear and then take another look, now we’re talking. You’ll feel sensational all day.

Next month - Style dis-ease and beauty

The secret to any fabulous outfit?

Do you want to know the secret?

Knickers! Well not just knickers -bras too. Let me explain. Just as a house needs solid foundations to support it, our clothes need exactly the same foundation to add shape and flatter the body’s structure.

The foundation for all outfits is the correct underwear. Yes ladies it really does make all the difference. So much so that I have to say it again.. it really does make a difference!

So here’s how to get the right foundation for you.

• Get yourself measured for your correct bra size. I recommend once a year.

• Hand wash only! It’s like insurance for your precious things.

• Check the fitting of your bra each time you put it on. The straps may have loosened. (This may be an indication it’s time to buy a new bra.)

• Have a range of panties that suit each outfit. Thongs will eliminate the VPL (visible panty line). Briefs with jeans. And don’t for get those magic knickers -sexy they are not, figure maker they are.

Don’t know where to start? Rigby and Peller are in my opinion the best and fittings are free of charge.

Style Q&A

Marni asks

I have been wearing mostly black clothes for years. I love colour on other people but when I try on things myself I don’t think it suits me. How do I start with out looking like a rainbow?

Aimee answers

Well girl it is the perfect time to start adding colour into your look. The shops are brimming with colour. Choosing the right colours to suit you is easy, firstly work out if you look better in a warmer or cooler tone. Choose a colour you like, then try on different shades of this colour to see which suits you best. You will notice some add colour to your face flattering your complexion whilst others with drain colour away. Once you know if you look best in warm or cool colours start by mixing in a little colour at a time to build your confidence.

You matter to me

You matter to me and I want to know what you think. Ask me a question and have it featured in next months Style Column. Suggest a new feature and really test my styling skills. Sign up to make sure you are on my mailing list. Aimee.

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