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I overheard a girl on the tube the other day, talking on her mobile. “I want it all…and I want it smothered in whipped cream and chocolate,” she said. Well, who doesn’t? You go sister!

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5 ways to save time and money

Do you shop all day and come home with nothing? Or, do you spend, spend, spend, only to find that this doesn’t go with that, or worse, it doesn’t even fit?

Well, breathe, pour yourself a glass of wine and read my five ways to save time and money:

1. Have a clear idea of what you need before you go shopping.

2. Don’t try to do too much. Choose one location and explore three to four shops.

3. If you know your correct size, buy online. You can often make good savings.

4. Buy cheap, buy twice! Go for quality over quantity.

5. Use a three-way mirror and even sit down to make sure it fits you and you feel comfortable.

Does my bum look big in this?

If you dress to suit your body shape you will never need to ask this question again. Whatever your bum size, here are my insider tips:

TIP: Skirts are more flattering than trousers. Choose:

• A pencil skirt with flare on hem – it will cling in all the right places.

• Soft flare on the knee – perfect for an hourglass look.


• A-line

• Bias-cut

TIP: If you’re a trousers and jeans girl, choose:

• Bigger, flat pockets on jeans – they smooth and flatten.

• Low waist, wide leg, full length – elongates and puts everything in proportion.


• Cropped or ¾-length.

• Busy detailing, like buttons or embroidery.

TIP: Choose matt, darker fabrics and keep the sparkle and shine for your accessories.

TIP: Avoid fabrics that are too stiff or too clingy. Rely on form-fitting rather than skin-tight fabrics.

TIP: Remember ladies, it’s all about the cut and tailoring.

What to wear when…

Caught in the rain, you want to look stylish and stay dry. Try this lightweight parka from Bon Prix. It’s easy to fit in a bag and packs more style than the £19.90 price tag suggests.

Shopping all day? Before you have to buy plasters for your tootsies check this out:

Going for a run? Well, with a body as gorgeous as yours, you’re going to get some looks. Try the Stella Mccartney for Adidas range on for size:

Style Q&A

Samantha asks

I need a new handbag. I want something that is functional but one that I can take out socially after work? I have looked but to no avail, am I asking too much?

Aimee answers

A handbag says a lot about you. It must accessorize any outfit and hold all but the kitchen sink, so it is worth getting it right. Invest in this item and it will last you for many seasons. Encompass style and functionality and try a new Spanish brand that I love called LUPO. They are available at Or, of course you could always take a trip to Barcelona and live la vida loca!

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