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The holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, everyday

St Tropez baby….. golden yes, orange noooooo.
Bring on the sun!

Highlights in this month's style column

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Start by looking the way you love and loving the way you look. Book your free personal style consultation now.

Dress to the max

The maxi dress is flattering for all and oh so comfy. Team it with flip flops for day, and some this seasons wedges for night. Whether it’s bold and bright, floral and delicate, even tribal, just go for it.

Check these out for starters

Renew your summer wardrobe with a clear conscience

Doing your bit to help our wonderful planet is being made easier by companies such as Oxfam who, after seeing a need in the market for eco friendly clothes that people actually want to wear, have begun working with students from the London College of Fashion to transform second hand clothing into fashion pieces of the future.

Donate your unwanted now or get inspired and start a little transformation of your own.Try

  • replacing old buttons with different coloured or shape buttons
  • adding detail to an old top by sewing beads around the neckline
  • adding more colour by wearing thick ribbon as a belt. Buy extra lengths and wrap it round a few times

To find out more visit

Honey, it's good for you

The nectar of the bee - simple, cheap,and essential!

Use it on your face for maximum hydration, as it's a natural anti-aging skin care product. It is a natural moisturizer - a humectant with the ability to attract and retain moisture. It's great for your skin, and perfect for conditioning your hair (mix with olive oil and wash thoroughly before you go outside).

It is also a natural antiseptic, antioxidant and all round natural healer not to mention it tastes oooh so yummy.

Find out more, log on to

Did you know..
Legendary beauties like Cleopatra and Poppea, wife of Roman Emperor Nero, used raw honey as part of their skin and hair care routine to keep them looking youthful, and that it is impossible to lick your elbow. Go on you know you want to.

Style Q&A

Samantha asks

I am going to a few weddings this year and can not afford to buy new outfits for all. How can I look different at each and not spend a fortune?

Aimee answers

Lucky you. Weddings are such happy events. Separates are the way to go. Either buy a ready made suit with a jacket / trousers / skirt combo, or separates that can be worn together. You can then mix and match to create a variety of looks. Accessorise with jewellery, belts, hats and brooches to further enhance your look. Oh and remember some killer choos, I mean shoes!

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