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The holistic approach to looking and feeling your best, everyday


Confidence is knowing your own style and owning your style. Are you wearing your clothes, or are your clothes wearing you?

Highlights in this month's style column

Planning your winter wardrobe
Fashion at a price
Sensational hair everyday
Style Q&A

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Planning your winter wardrobe

It needn’t be a chore. As I always say it’s important to know your own style.

• Use magazines for inspiration.

• Define the gaps – what’s missing in your wardrobe.

• Know your budget

Magazines are a great place to start when looking for inspiration for your style. There are some great publications out now. Inspiration comes in many forms, so don’t limit yourself to fashion mags.

Defining the gaps in your wardrobe prevents you from having too many of the same items and nothing to wear with them. Try looking through your wardrobe to see how many outfits you can make. You will easily see what you have too many of, and what you need to buy.

Spend more on your core items and save on seasonal purchases. Your core items are the foundations of your wardrobe. For example, your winter coat, a key staple in your winter ensemble, will look fabulous from beginning to end, if you invest.

Want some help, a style coaching session can be the answer to all your winter worries.


I love clothes and fashion but I never seem to get it right. I always end up buying clothes that I like, but don’t seem to go together.

A friend of mine, who had already worked with Aimee, said give it a go. I’m so glad I did. Not only do I have clothes that match, I have distinct sections in my wardrobe and I know what to put with what.

The reaction from my friends about my new look has been amazing, I still feel like me but with loads more confidence. I will definitely be doing this regularly. Aimee you’re a genius.

Lauren Davidson. London

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Fashion at a price

It’s great to follow fashion, but is it at the expense of your confidence? Wearing clothes just because they're the latest trend can be a big mistake, and the impact is greater than you think.

Whether choosing a new look for winter, or adding to your existing look, make sure your clothes reflect you and your personality.
Ask your self these few questions before you buy.

• Does it suit my body shape?

• Is it saying what I want it to say?

• Are the colours right for me?

• Do I feel fantastic in it?

Fashion is about what is fashionable for you. Let’s face it, it’s no good wearing a mini skirt if you don’t have legs for it. If your style is congruent with who you are, your clothes empower you, you ooze confidence and the compliments come flooding in.

Remember you have a work wardrobe and a social wardrobe to play with, so there’s plenty of room for self expression.


Sensational hair everyday

Ladies - Bobs are back. Did they ever go away?

Big fringes, solid colours. Healthy well groomed hair. Wear it longer and glossy, or shorter and chic. No matter what your preference just think shine!

Combining good techniques plus great products when blow drying your hair will result in salon fresh hair, everyday. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

• Know the shape you are trying to achieve.

• Apply your styling product and comb your hair into it’s shape. Smoothing your hair will encourage shine and make it easier to dry.

• Blow dry in sections and use clips to hold the rest of your hair out of the way. After a little practice it takes no longer than usual and the results are outstanding.

• Always use a nozzle on the end of your hairdryer. This channels the air in a more concentrated way, giving you great control and smoothness.

Fellas - Get a hair cut!

Groomed hair needn’t mean 30 minutes styling a day. A good cut does the work for you. Ask your stylist or style coach to recommend a shape that suits.

Using the right styling product for your hair will make mornings a breeze. My suggestions for styling products:
£££ Splurge – KMS Moulding Paste
££ Spend – Paul Mitchell Super sculpt
£ Save – Fudge Shaper

Do's and Don'ts

Do buy your styling products from a salon, not a supermarket. It costs a little more but the quality is superior and it lasts longer.

Don’t use too much. It could look like you haven’t washed your hair for a week.


Style Q&A

Kate asks

I have just moved to London and I’m feeling like a fish out of water. I would like to know good stores to go to and which areas are good for shopping. Can you help?

Aimee answers

Hi Kate. I know London can seem a daunting place when you first arrive. When I am in a new place I break it down into areas to explore and focus on one place per month. For example Covent garden has great stores combining high street with independent designers. Check out Long Acre for mainstream stores or Floral Street for something a little different. Neal Street has some great make-up shops such as Mac and Shu Uemura. There are also plenty of places to grab a great coffee and a bite to eat to keep you going.

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