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Spring , summer, autumn, winter, SPRING! Not just a great movie, it’s that time of year again. Time to put away your winter coat and start…shopping. Hoorah!

Highlights in this month's style column

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Ingredients for style

A kiss with out a squeeze, an apple without cheese... one without the other simply won’t do. The same goes for your style too.

When you look at style icons such as Jackie Onasis, Audrey Hepburn (my personal fav), it’s hard to say which one thing makes them stylish. Yet change just one thing and you would see them quite differently. Imagine Jackie O in flares or Miss Go-lightly with a highlights and a perm? "Noooo!" I hear you cry. It changes everything.

When creating your own style take some tip from the icons…

  • Pay attention to detail – with your clothes, hair &make-up and accessories including bags and shoes
  • Choose colours that make you glow
  • Before leaving the house have a head to toe check in mirror (front and back)
  • Accessories can make or break your outfit.

Choose the best spring dress for your shape

Pear shape – a dress that nips in at your waist and skims softly over the lower half of your body with a soft flare. Choose a face flattering U shaped neckline and go for a monocramtic look. When choosing patterns keep it soft and even over the whole dress.

Fuller figure – disguise your middle by lowering or raising the waistline. Choose empire line with softly plunging neck line showing a suggestion of cleavage. Show off those pins with hemlines above your knee

Long and lean – You ladies are lucky cos nearly anything goes. Go for bold or busy patterns and mix up the colours. Choose face flattering necklines that plunge and soften and ruch up the waist.

Loose 5 pounds instantly!

Here are my top tips to get you started. You’ll be looking good and feeeelin great in no time!

Colour - The use of colour can make or break your body shape. As basic as it sounds, mixing and matching darker and lighter colours will highlight/camouflage your figure. If you are bigger on your lower half use a lighter colour on the top to draw the attention away from your thighs.

Size does matter - trade in the ballet pumps for some killer heels and watch your thighs disappear

Go monocramatic – wearing all one colour plays a trick on the eye whilst sliming and lengthening your body shape

Trouser / jacket combo – will always make you look taller. Make sure to choose the right length jacket. Remember to team with heels.

Style Q&A

Sarah asks

How do I know what the right trouser length is for me? I have different shape trousers and I can never seem to get it right. Please save me from another season of frustration!

Aimee answers

Sarah, getting the perfect length can be tricky especially when you have different styles and then there are your shoes to consider. Here’s what I suggest. Straight or tapered trousers are best worn at a length that keeps them poker straight. Wide cut or flares are best worn a little longer. Try them on with the heels that you plan to wear them with, and have them just off the floor. Bootcut should fall mid heel so always take a pair of heels with you when shopping.

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