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Hair, your crowning glory, your flowing mane, the ultimate fashion accessory. The ultimate fashion accessory? Well it could be, after all you can't take it off. But your stuck in a hair rut, you'd like advice, information and practical tips about the right styles for you but don't know where to turn.

Easy, a personal style session with Aimee will be the answer to you having fabulous hair, everyday. Learn what suits you and why, daily maintenance, new techniques, latest product information and discover how to transform your hair for those special occasions. The foundation to great looking hair is how you care for it on a daily basis. Great hair needs great products, couple this with expert techniques and advise and you will certainly want to hold your head up with pride.


Make-up, the stuff to make us feel we can face the world. So why do some of us trowel it on or, simply not wear any at all? Your stuck in a rut, and, try as you may you just can't get it right.

A personal style session with Aimee will show you just how to get it right, everyday. Learn new techniques and styles, how to choose and use the best products for you, the benefits of great skincare and why this is the foundation for great looking make-up.

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You can also keep up to date on new hair and make-up products that are right for you plus seasonal trends with a style update. This is a great way to keep your style fresh between each of your personal style sessions. It is definitely an hour of your time well spent.


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