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Client Stories

Julie Renfrew

Aimee was the motivation I needed to restyle myself and come out from the boring, casual schemes I was hiding behind. As a result I want to spend more time taking care of my appearance. I’ve had great fun adding more colour to my wardrobe and found the Style Bible really useful for this.

I truly believe that the session with Aimee has given me greater enthusiasm to get dressed in a morning, particularly at weekends. I can’t wait for the summer. Aimee, you were the guide I needed.

James Renfrew, Julie's husband

Just wanted to say a big thank you following Julie's session with you in London yesterday. Her birthday present couldn't have worked out better. She looks fantastic and is absolutely buoyant at the moment.

You gave her a really rounded package, not just focussing on the clothes and Julie loved the experience too, not just the results.

It may be the most expensive present I have ever arranged, but it is definitely the best value for money too. I'm sure Julie will be in touch in the future for another session of assisted shopping, or more consultations!

Nikki Norman

After struggling with my weight over the last 7 years my wardrobe had become a sea of black! I had got used to having a handful of key pieces of clothing ,all black, which I just replaced as they became worn out or tired looking.

I finally decided to admit to myself that I was never going to be
twiggy and that I should make the most of what I've got rather than using my clothes to disguise myself. Aimee was integral to this process and the biggest benefit has been in boosting my confidence. I no longer automatically gravitate to the black rail and with Aimee's advice I know what shapes, colours and styles suit me. My wardrobe and self image has been transformed and I do feel like a different person.

As a result of Aimee's help and enthusiasm I can see myself looking better and I certainly feel more attractive. Seeing these improvements materialise has given me the incentive to lose weight and make even more of myself and I'm well on my way to a slimmer, but more importantly, a happier me!

Sarb Chowdry

Working with Aimee has been a fantastic experience, as she was able to understand what my needs were around my image. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in hair, make-up and wardrobe styling and was able to apply that to specific looks that I wanted to achieve.

I find that I am more confident and comfortable with how I look, because Aimee has given me a new repertoire based on some simple, practical and therefore very easy to use, up to date tips and techniques. Aimee is wonderfully warm and has a fun, professional style.

Lee Wright

After moving back to New York, from london, changing careers, and having some major shifts in my personal life, I felt I needed some help to adjust my 'look' to fit the new person I had become.

Aimee was able to help me clarify my changes, and verbalize the new image I wanted to project to the world. Through these initial consultations we devised an action plan that consisted of doing research (I.e. finding photos/pictures, etc) creating a file for my new look, reviewing and cleansing my wardrobe, making a shopping list and then actually going to get the stuff I needed!

The most amazing aspect of the experience was the clarity in which Aimee gave me about my new desired look.


When I told friends about the style coaching I planned to do with Aimee a few of them were surprised and commented "I never thought YOU would need help with your clothes." I really take pleasure in clothes and fashion however I guess there were some days I would open my wardrobe and feel totally uninspired.

In the lead up to our first session I enjoyed treating myself to all the womens fashion magazines, cutting out everything I liked. This gave Aimee a good idea of the kind of looks that inspired me. We also talked about colours to work with my skin tone and hair colour.

Aimee then took me through my wardrobe which I was a little nervous about. After some coaching on what worked and why, I totally agreed with her on what should go. I realised I'd actually become quite lazy when it came to putting outfits together or even choosing new clothes.
A week later after a very successful shopping trip with Aimee, opening my wardrobe in the morning was fun.

Going shopping by myself is now so much easier. I know immediately what to try and what to ignore. The best thing is simply feeling confident about looking my best in any situation, business or social.

S. Lee

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and one I would highly recommend. It allowed me a chance to really purge myself of a lot of physical links with my past and emotionally embrace my new image and future. It was empowering and liberating at he same time.

Aimee’s manner is one of confidence and humour, as well as making me feel that this was all a journey, and that whilst nothing was wrong per say, there was always room for improvement. This gentleness is necessary when we are talking of one's image and self esteem - and Aimee definitely has the knack!

Thank you Aimee for your guidance and I look forward to seeing you again for an 'update' shopping spree when you are next in New York!


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