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Choosing a personal style coach

Consider for a moment that you have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes, suiting any occasion. You look fantastic and your confidence is soaring. Now, just imagine that you could feel like this every day, Isn't this something you'd want?

Why not allow yourself to be guided by an expert? Aimee is committed to you having all that and more, a friend who supports you and a confidant who understands you and your needs. You will feel totally empowered and, be left looking a million dollars..

Why choose Aimee ?

Undeniably an expert in her field, it comes naturally to Aimee, helping others to look and feel their best. She has a fresh and innovative approach to style, plus the skills to leave you in no doubt that you are in the best hands.

Aimee is creative, inspirational and holistic in her approach to style, assisting clients in developing synergy between their dual image, both inside and out. Unique and individual is the way Aimee sees each client and is well known for putting a smile on their faces and a spring in their step. 

Based in London, she offers consultations and practical workshop sessions tailor-made to suit the individual and their schedule.

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